ETERNAL Model United Nation has arrived. The American University of Rome is hosting this unique MUN from 14 - 18 February 2017

The Model UN Rome was missing

14 - 18 February 2017 @ the American University of Rome

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Eternal MUN is about intense, high-level debates on current issues on the international agenda and it takes place in the heart of Rome, one of the most international cities in the world. Make your opinion count.


Eternal MUN has very limited seats and very high demand. The window of opportunity for you to attend this unique event is very short. Don’t miss this chance. Applications open on 15th December 2016 at 15:00 (CET).

Expert Staff

Eternal MUN is organised and run by the people coming from the most successful Model UN in Europe. Finally, an event that brings the most experienced and awarded MUNers to Rome to deliver high quality debates and activities.

high-level speakers

MUN Academy is working to bring you high-level speakers from the many international organizations with a Rome-based office. Eternal MUN will host diplomats and professionals who will share their experience and knowledge.

Seats are extremely limited: only three Councils for five days of intense debates on current issues on the global agenda. Hesitation will cost your opportunity to join EMUN, hosted by the American University of Rome.

An Exclusive MUN

Very little seats available, only for the most competitive MUNers
Eternal MUN shall take place in the city of Rome, one of the UN world capitals, linking the Model with reality

Eternal MUN is a project powered by MUN Academy, in collaboration with the American University of Rome. It is the most competitive and realistic Model United Nations organised in Rome thanks to the contribution by committed people who actually work in the United Nations, both as civil servants or by taking part to actual negotiations of the United Nations. Moreover, Eternal MUN has the privilege of being hosted by the American University of Rome, a prestigious institutions that has a long standing tradition of higher education. Participating to Eternal MUN will expose participants to a vibrant international environment that is sure to trigger positive interactions. Additionally, the American University of Rome offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate studies in all fields that Eternal MUN shall touch during its debates. That is not all: MUN Academy is going to invite high level speakers from UN agencies in Rome and from international organisations to intervene on the topics at hand. Thus, Eternal MUN will also be an occasion to learn more about those topics and possibly contribute concretely and actively. There is very little time to be amongst the few participants who will go through a tough selection process; on the other hand, EMUN Secretariat and MUN Academy Staff will be readily available to support and help you make your participation a thrilling experience.



The Secretariat of Eternal MUN is composed of eight positions, namely the Secretary-General (SG), the Under Secretary-General (USG) and two Chairpersons per Council. A total of eight carefully selected people who will help you preparing for this amazing event. In fact, their responsibilities are topic choice, study guides and interaction with accepted participants to ensure all information related to EMUN academic content is properly and effectively communicated, understood and learned. However, their tasks are not limited to preparatory activities: the EMUN Secretariat is in charge of chairing each session for the entire duration of the conference. Moreover, Chairpersons help you during debates, support you during drafting and work as mediators as needed. All these duties - along with many others - are coordinated by the Secretary-General and Under Secretary-General. It is worth mentioning that all these people are volunteers who share their expertise, acquired experience and know-how because they believe in the relevance and importance of such events.
In conclusion, joining Eternal MUN will be an incredible opportunity to meet extremely talented people who believe that building a better world can also be achieved through events such as this one. Hopefully, by the end of this experience, you will go home with the same spirit the EMUN Secretariat represents.


Davide Annarumma


Matteo Tonella

Under Secretary-General


Daniela Chavarry






Ania Sikorska


Giuseppe Sirignano

High Commissioner for Human Rights

Jenny Sørvold


Veronika Virkenborg



As it happens in every conference, there is another group of people, with a different skill set, whose purpose is making sure everything runs smoothly. In Model United Nations simulations powered by MUN Academy, these people are the members of the Executive Committee (Ex-Com).
A negative definition of the Ex-Com could be that it takes care of all the aspects the Secretariat does not. However, this is clearly an understatement: the members of the Executive Committee are the missing part of the puzzle. It is very likely that you will not see them but Ex-Com Members work relentlessly to ensure that all your applications are properly processed and that you are correctly assigned to the right Council, so that your respective Chairpersons may contact you. Additionally, the Ex-Com oversees logistics in general, ranging from room availability to contacting relevant institutions, associations and organizations. Once more, these people work as volunteers because they believe that they can contribute to the success of such an international youth event by making sure it runs as smoothly as possible.
These people are coordinated by a Team Coordinator and they work in close collaboration with the Secretariat to find the best solutions for an incredibly successful conference. If you are interested in giving a hand, there is always room for motivated young people who are looking for a highly instructive experience.

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The American University of Rome is hosting Eternal MUN on 14 - 18 February 2017. AUR is a prestigious institution, providing higher education for young and talented students in the centre of Rome. Joining EMUN 2017 is also an opportunity to learn about AUR, interact with its students and connect with a new reality you may have not yet met. Likewise, AUR students are encouraged to take an active role in EMUN 2017 both as participants and organisers. What else to add?

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